About SafeLink Tool

What is SafeLink Generator?

Safelink Generator is a tool that protects your links from automatic systems like internet bot, malware, viruses, crawlers and scrapers, etc. These automatic systems may steal your data from unprotected links. The links you generate from the SafeLink Generator tool are encrypted and they can't be misused from bots, malware or any automatic systems on the internet.

How it works?

  • Your visitors access to an encrypted link
  • Our service will check whether your visitor is a human or not
  • Your visitor will have to wait for 5 seconds to get the original link button
  • Then the visitors will be redirected original link

How to use SafeLink Generator?

Step 1: Copy the link that you want to be encrypted with SafeLink Generator.

Step 2: Paste the link you copied in the Generate Link box with HTTP:// or HTTPS://

Step 3: Click on Generate button to get your encrypted link.

Step 4: Click on the Copy URL button.

Step 5: Share your copied links with your friends on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or any other social media apps OR use those links on your blogs, websites, etc.

Congrats! Your shared links are now protected !!

We recommend you use this SafeLink Generator to protect your links. 

This service is completely FREE FOREVER!

Click here to generate your SafeLink now.

All the very best!